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Welcome to our blog, where we will be talking all things courier and logistics! First of all we’d like to say thanks for showing an interest in our blog! We hope that it provides you with some useful and interesting information about our company and the transport industry as a whole. On the menu today is what to consider when choosing your courier. We have compiled a helpful list of things to consider before putting not only your goods, but your reputation in their hands.

1. Make sure that they have all the correct insurances and procedures in place – Over the years we have heard many a horror story about fly-by-night courier companies letting good-willed customers down, not only costing the customer thousands of pounds in damaged goods, but also hurting long standing business relations between them and their customers. Here at AJP, we ensure all our customers that we have all the correct insurances and procedures in place, and are more than happy to provide copies of all these documents prior to the booking of any jobs. Just think is it really worth the risk?

2. Positive Customer Feedback and Reviews – A good courier company will have more than a few happy customers willing to drop them line to show their gratitude after a job well done. This is a great indicator as to whether the company operates in a professional and integral manner. Feel free to have a look at what some of our lovely customers had to say about us and our services here.

3. Booking should be easy – This part of the process should be as simple and practical as possible. We understand that our customers have lots of other things to be getting on with during their busy day, which is why our booking process is as simple as 123! With the option to call, email or fill in the online quote form on our website, our friendly team can process your request and dispatch one of our drivers and vans to you within 5 minutes, collecting your goods within the hour (usually much less).

4. Ensure you choose a nationwide, 24 hour 365 day service – Despite forward planning and seamless strategy, the unpredictable can arise and leave a business requiring a collection and delivery urgently. Here at AJP, our team is available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, for your most urgent and short notice deliveries.

5. Flexibility – A good courier company is one that can handle a vast range of jobs from customers spread across many industry sectors. At AJP we have a wide range of customers from all different walks of business life. We treat all of them with exactly the same high levels of integrity and professionalism, regardless of size of business or frequency of work.

6. Remaining Competitive – To remain competitive in an undulating and cut throat industry is a must for any courier business worth its salt. As a customer it would be wise to compare the level of service with what it costs, if you strike an acceptable balance between the two, this usually results in value. We understand the importance of value for any business, and this is why we take great pride in the quality of the service we offer, whilst pricing it honestly and fairly. Be wary of any companies that are offering much lower prices than the market average. There is usually a reason for this, which has in the past ended up costing customers much more in the long run, as a result of damaged consignments and insurance claims.